Thanks for being part of Roll Film Week

Summer 2018 recap

This Roll Film Week was the best one yet. Thank you for being part of it! The numbers are in:

An international community of film photographers shared more than 800 #rollfilmweek photos on Instagram.

Each day, we featured a selection of photos on the @RollFilmWeek account. Our last newsletter included a rundown of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday features. Here’s a look at the final two days of spotlights and a preview of what’s ahead.

Thursday’s features

Monochrome magnificence from @anne_silver_ @lukehphoto @carolinabonnelly @kevdroid @haitchchamp @jimheid @alteredmuse @halide.hustle.

Friday’s features

Portraits by @dennisgrailich @dfkastner @greenmancokey @un_ovni @amysgster @sweaterjesus13 @julietschwab @kaleleboy.

What’s next?

Start shooting now and make plans to join us for the next Roll Film Week — January 21-25, 2019.

Autumn plans

Are you interested in Instagram features/interviews or local meetups with Roll Film Week photographers? Reply to this email or send a direct message to @RollFilmWeek on Instagram. We’d like to plan a few things — both online and in-person — over the next few months.

Stickers are here!

Our stickers have arrived, and we’ll begin mailing them later this week. If you’d like to receive a Roll Film Week sticker, don’t forget to enter your address in our Google form. It’s free, and we’ll send it anywhere in the world. (So far, people in nine different countries have signed up for stickers!)

About this newsletter

We’re using Substack to manage our list and send emails. There will always be a free version of this newsletter, but Substack offers a paid subscription option if we want to expand in the future. (We have no plans to do that right now.)

Questions? Comments?

If you reply to this email, you’ll reach me — Jessica Hibbard. I started Roll Film Week last year with a group of friends and fellow photographers, and I’m taking responsibility for the email newsletter and Instagram account. Rachel James, who designed the logo and our forthcoming stickers, helps curate Instagram features and keep Roll Film Week rolling.

Roll Film Week is a group effort. Meredith Wilson, Jenna Gersbach-King, Ina Echternach, Jes Lee, Hilary Clarke, and Anne Bowerman help us run the Flickr group. Many others support and promote this community. Please take some time this week to look at the amazing work posted to the Instagram hashtag and Flickr group — it’s a great way to connect with other photographers.

Keep on rolling! We’ll be in touch soon.