Reminder: RFW is 2 weeks away

#RollFilmWeek begins July 22

Roll Film Week is an international celebration of 35mm and medium format film photography, held twice each year. The next party starts in just two weeks.

#RollFilmWeek runs from Monday, July 22 through Friday, July 26.

Be sure to revisit the guidelines on our about page. This week is a great time to get your film developed so you’ll have photos ready to post later this month.

Do you have a favorite local or mail-order photo lab? Reply to our Instagram story and tell us where you get film processed — we’ll share responses on Instagram and in next week’s email update.

For extra credit, share your own pre-RFW stories and spread the word. (Don’t forget to tag @rollfilmweek so we can repost.) See you soon!

Keep rolling,