More than 400 #rollfilmweek photos so far

A mid-week RFW update

Thank you for being part of Roll Film Week, the biannual celebration of 35mm and medium format photography.

In the first three days, photographers from around the world have posted more than 400 #rollfilmweek photos on Instagram!

Each day, we’ve been featuring a selection of photos on the @RollFilmWeek account. It’s been so much fun to look for themes among all the submissions.

Monday’s features

Black and white buildings by @mark_snaps @john.korossy @polaroidgirl @infiniterolls and warm holiday vibes from @tubes @aitchclarke @ifleming @betsyd.

Tuesday’s features

Flowery photos by @nonophuran @sararobinson @myhungryeye @hpolleyphotography and seaside scenes from @hiddenexhibit @analogue_culture @fotodudenz @clairehelene7.

Wednesday’s features

Otherworldly colors from @masru @walterinowego @film_chimera @mr._muse @marionlanciauxpolaroids @caroll.noxatra @ryanmichaelkemp.

Thursday and Friday

Keep sharing your best work and check in at the end of each day to see themes and features. While you’re on Instagram, browse through all the photos with the #rollfilmweek hashtag.

Our Flickr group is also a great place to share and browse — and you can tell us your favorite photos in the group discussions.


“Shouldn’t every week be Roll Film Week?”

Variations of this question have popped up a few times this week. The answer is simple: this is about celebration and community.

Sure, film photography can be part of your life every day if you’re shooting that often. But it’s photography is something we typically experience by ourselves or with a small group of friends or colleagues. We started Roll Film Week because there’s something special about coming together online for a short burst of sharing and celebration. That concentrated energy helps us connect and find other film photographers who can inspire us year-round.

Stickers are here!

Our stickers have arrived, and we’ll begin mailing them next week. If you’d like to receive a Roll Film Week sticker, don’t forget to enter your address in our Google form. It’s free, and we’ll send it anywhere in the world. (So far, people in nine different countries have signed up for stickers!)

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Questions? Comments? Get in touch.

If you reply to this email, you’ll reach me — Jessica Hibbard. I started Roll Film Week last year with a group of friends and fellow photographers, and I’m taking responsibility for the email newsletter and Instagram account. Rachel James, who designed the logo and our forthcoming stickers, is helping me curate Instagram features and keep Roll Film Week rolling this week.

Roll Film Week is a group effort. Meredith Wilson, Jenna Gersbach-King, Ina Echternach, Jes Lee, Hilary Clarke, and Anne Bowerman help us run the Flickr group. Many others support and promote this community. Please take some time this week to look at the amazing work posted to the Instagram hashtag and Flickr group — it’s a great way to connect with other photographers.

Enjoy the next two days! We’ll send another email on Sunday with a recap and dates for the next Roll Film Week in January.