Celebrating film photography

Roll Film Week happens twice each year, in January and July. It’s a chance for film photographers around the world to share 35mm and medium format photos online.

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How to participate

Here’s what you need to know about joining the celebration.

Step 1. Mark your calendar

In 2020, Roll Film Week will be held January 20-24 and July 20-24.

Step 2. Prepare and share

You can get more out of Roll Film Week if you do a few things in advance.

  • Shoot, develop, and scan your photos. You can post recent work or vintage photos, as long as they’re made with 35mm or medium format film. More details about the “rules” below.

  • Invite other film photographers. More photographers make Roll Film Week more fun. Tell your friends to follow on Instagram and sign up for the email newsletter.

  • Watch Instagram for updates. We’ll share any last-minute information via @rollfilmweek on Instagram, and we’ll also send reminders via email.

Step 3. Post and connect

Start publishing your photos on the specified dates. A few guidelines:

  • DO post 35mm and medium format images. (More obscure types of roll film are also fine.) Please consider providing camera and film information in your captions.

  • DO NOT post large format (sheet film) photos, instant film photos, or digital photos. (We love apps like VSCO, too, but digital simulation of film doesn’t count; Roll Film Week is exclusively for analog photography.)

  • DO share images that haven’t been posted on Instagram before. They don’t have to be recent; feel free to scan vintage photos or past work.

  • DO use the #RollFilmWeek hashtag on Instagram — that’s the tag we’ll check when we curate daily features. There’s no limit on the number of photos you can post, but we recommend only two or three images per day.

  • DO NOT add the #RollFilmWeek to photos you’ve posted outside of the official Roll Film Week dates. (We pay attention to this when selecting photos to feature.)

  • Discover, follow, and support other photographers. The purpose of this week is to celebrate film and connect with other people who love film photography. Please take time to browse the Instagram hashtag and get to know other members of the community.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch.

If you reply to any issue of the email newsletter or send a direct message to RFW on Instagram, you’ll reach me — Jessica Hibbard. I started Roll Film Week in 2017 with a group of friends and fellow photographers.

Roll Film Week is a group effort. Rachel James designed the logo, curates some of the Instagram features, and helps keep Roll Film Week rolling. Many others support and promote this community. Thank you for celebrating with us!